Daily Practise Online Exam Experience

We provide Daily Practise Assignments in Online mode, this will give real online exam Experience. Assignments are base on the topics which are covered in previous day Class.


Digital Library Watch the Classes Again

We provide Digital Library, where Students can access the all the Classes / Assignments again.This is very useful, if any slow learner student want to attend the Class again.

Bridge Course Starting from Basics of Maths and Physics

UV Physics Introducing a Bridge Course for CSIR / GATE Physics coaching.

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UV Physics Academy is one of the best training Academy for CSIR (NET) and GATE, JEST and TIFR in Physics. Every year, Academy is producing the best results in CSIR and GATE and JEST Entrance Exams. No.1 Academy for CSIR(NET) Physics.

The classroom programs of  UV PHYSICS provides an in-depth coverage of syllabus of CSIR, GATE, JEST and TIFR PHYSICS examinations with a major focus on sharpening the problem-solving skills. Separate doubt solving sessions are also conducted regularly by the faculties which helps students to clear their doubts. The design, development and delivery of the programs offered at UV PHYSICS incorporate the best teaching practices.

Hostel Admission

₹ 60,000/-Including Lodging & Boarding


Bridge Course is Taken

  • 3 Instalments: ₹ 10,000/- (Bridge Course) + ₹ 25,000/- ( At the Time of Admission) + ₹ 25,000/-( After One Month)

Bridge Course is Not Taken

  • 2 Instalments: ₹ 30,000/- ( At the Time of Admission) + ₹ 30,000/-( After One Month)

Day Scholar Admission

₹ 35,000/-


Bridge Course is Taken

  • 2 Instalments: ₹ 10,000/- (Bridge Course) + ₹ 25,000/- ( At the Time of Admission)

Bridge Course is Not Taken

  • 2 Instalments: ₹ 25,000/- (At the Time of Admission) + ₹ 10,000/- ( After One Month)
A Bridge Course for newly admitted students is conducted before the commencement of the CISR NET Coaching classes. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at Pre-University level and subjects that they would be studying in the Graduation level.

We have Observed that Some students are facing trouble with the Basics of Mathematics and Physics during the regular course of CSIR training.

We are designing a Bridge course which covers Basic concepts of Mathematics and Physics.
Main aim of this Bridge Course is to build the confidence to secure Rank in CSIR ( NET).
This Bridge Course is only for Main course Students. Separate Bridge Course is NOT Available

No need to pay Extra fee for this course.
If any student wants to Join in this course, you need to pay Rs 9000/- (Not Refundable) 
This amount will be deducted from the main Course. 

We Provide Daily Work Sheets Based on the concepts explained in the Class.
Students Must Solve the Assignments and Submit on the Next Day.

If any Doubts in the 
Assignment, student can ask in the Class.
Every Sunday, We conduct Weekend Exams based on the Syllabus discussed in the Class
  • CSIR Model Exam, we will conduct the Exam in ONLINE Mode.
  • Student Must Write Error Analysis of the Exam.
  • i.e. Student need to solve the Questions which are not Answered and Which are Wrongly Answered and submit on MONDAY

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is schedule of CSIR NET Physical Science Classroom Coaching at UV HYD Campus?

Classes are going to be held six days (Monday to Saturday) every week for 4 hours daily.

Every Sunday Weekend Exam based on the Syllabus covered in that Week.

Will entire syllabus of CSIR NET Physical Science will be covered in Classroom Coaching at UV?

Major 6 Papers (QM, MMP, EMT,CM,SM,ELE) will be covered 90% Syllabus and 3 Papers (AMP,NP,SSP) Will be covered 80%

100% is not possible to complete within 6 months

Any Doubts Clearing Session at UV HYD Campus?

Sir, will be available After the Class, student can ask the Doubts regarding the Class

Is Library facility available at HYD Campus?

Yes, Digital Library facility is available at HYD Campus where students can study (Excluding Class Hours).

Is recorded lecture also available to Watch again if Student wants to attend again?

Yes, recorded lectures will be available in Digital Library. This will help students for revision/to clear Doubts.

Are DPT and Weekend Test conducted Online?

Yes, We will provide an Android Application to write online Exams / DPT.

What study material is provided for Classroom Coaching students?

UV will provide the Following Practice Material

2 Sets of Question Banks of 6 Subjects).

2 Sets of Daily Practice Tests of 9 Subjects .

For Aptitude, Student can buy a book written by Christy Varghese with special discount

Is accommodation facility available at UV HYD Campus?

Yes, accommodation facility is available at UV HYD Campus for boys and girls.

Any Fee Concession available for Old Students?

Yes,Rs 10000/- Fee Concession will be given from Tuition Fee.

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