Daily Practise Online Exam Experience

We provide Daily Practise Assignments in Online mode, this will give real online exam Experience. Assignments are base on the topics which are covered in previous day Class.


Digital Library Watch the Classes Again

We provide Digital Library, where Students can access the all the Classes / Assignments again.This is very useful, if any slow learner student want to attend the Class again.

Bridge Course Starting from Basics of Maths and Physics

UV Physics Introducing a Bridge Course for CSIR / GATE Physics coaching.

About Bridge Course

Bridge Course For CSIR

About Bridge Course:(Only For Main Course)

A Bridge Course for newly admitted students is conducted before the commencement of the CISR NET Coaching classes. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at Pre-University level and subjects that they would be studying in the Graduation level.

We have Observed that Some students are facing trouble with the Basics of Mathematics and Physics during the regular course of CSIR training.

We are designing a Bridge course which covers Basic concepts of Mathematics and Physics.
Main aim of this Bridge Course is to build the confidence to secure Rank in CSIR ( NET)

Skills Required

Basic Maths
Basic Physics
Basic Algebra

This Bridge Course is only for Main course Students. Separate Bridge Course is NOT Available

No need to pay Extra fee for this course.
If any student wants to Join in this course, you need to pay Rs 9000/- (Not Refundable) 
This amount will be deducted from the main Course. 

Bridge Course How to Attend ?

How to Attend the Classes of Bridge Course?

We provide Android App to attend Bridge Course after paying the advance.
At home only student need to complete the Course.

Bridge Course Procedure


Stage 1 : Student will attend Live Class / Recorded Video
Stage 2: Assignment will be given based on the Class.

Bridge Course Rules


Every Student must Complete the Course and Solve the Assignments.
Student is allowed to login with one device Only.

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